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Bradley Cooper Plastic Surgery Before and After

Bradley Cooper is an incredibly popular American actor and producer. He has acted in movies like Sex and The City, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, American Hustle, and Silver Linings Playbook. He has received nominations for 4 Academy awards: 3 for his acting and one for his producing role. Because of how long he has been acting as well as the fact that he is now middle aged, he has been a subject of plastic surgery discussions online. However, some aren’t too surprised by this as it is common for an actor to want to maintain their youthful looks throughout their career as they are constantly having themselves filmed and looked at by others.

But because of how youthful he looks and how it almost appears as if his looks have improved over time, people have wondered: Has Bradley Cooper had plastic surgery?

People began noticing that the 39-year-old actor looked almost ageless with his smooth skin, which made everyone think that he really was getting plastic surgery done. But his appearance still looks so natural and as if no surgery has been done on him. Did Bradley Cooper really get any surgery done or does he just have some really good genetics?

It’s still being debated even now if he has or has not gotten it done. Some people believe that he has and have pointed out some of the things he could have gotten done while others don’t see any evidence of having plastic surgery done on his face.

Bradley Cooper Plastic Surgery Before and After
Bradley Cooper Plastic Surgery Before and After

Some people speculate about Bradley Cooper having gotten a nose job, Botox, and a chemical peel done, which is why his face still looks naturally youthful.

Botox is probably the number one thing most people would think he has done to keep his face looking young. Looking at him from even just 10 years ago, it looks as if his face has remained the same although he has actually gotten older. Some also thought he might be doing a chemical peel as that would also keep his face looking young and fresh.

Some are also thinking of him using a chemical peel because chemical peels are used to help the skin rejuvenate itself. This means the new skin ends up being smoother and less wrinkled than the skin that was previously there

It is hard to tell if one has actually used chemical peels as they don’t leave any scars, your appearance just improves. However, it looks as if some of his wrinkles has disappeared over the years. Whether it is from a chemical peel or Botox, however, is still up for debate.

Bradley Cooper Plastic Surgery
Bradley Cooper Plastic Surgery

There were also a few plastic surgeons asked to share their opinion on his youthful looks. Dr. David Shafer didn’t see any clear signs of plastic surgery being done. However, he did see that there was a possibility for a chemical peel and Botox being done with how smooth his skin is. Meanwhile, Dr. Michael Salzhauer mentioned that Bradley Cooper may have gotten rhinoplasty done – better known as a nose job – as it looked as if his nose was a slight bit more distinguished and refined than it was earlier within his career.

To those who aren’t professionals, you can’t see a lot of change between his nose now and from his nose many years ago. It is still possible that he did really get a nose job and had an amazing plastic surgeon, especially as there are many people within his industry getting the same procedure done. However, most people still don’t believe that it is very likely.

Many also don’t believe that he got a nose job done because of how slight the differences are. If a person is going to get a nose job done, it is typically done to change your nose shape completely. This could mean getting rid of a bump in your nose, making it smaller, etc. There are a few situations where a person will get a nose job done to breath better, but we have not heard of that being the case with Bradley Cooper.

Here are a few pictures of him to show how slight the difference is, if you can even tell if there is one or not between them all.

Photo Credit: (left) Jim Spellman Wireimage, (right) Gregg Deguire Wireimage

Photo Credit: (left) Karwai Tang, (right) Abaca

Another thing people have noticed about him is his hairline. It was higher up on his forehead in his early acting years than it currently is now and it almost looks like he has reversed any baldness he may have been experiencing. Having a hairline that isn’t receding is a good way to continue looking very youthful, so it is very possible that his hairline looks lower now because of a surgery. Maybe it is because he is styling his hair differently than he used to, creating a sort of faux hairline, if you will.

It’s also speculated that perhaps he got some hair implants or did something else in order to stimulate hair growth and even out his receding and high hairline out. Looking at the pictures, you can tell there is a clear difference in his hairline from then to now. But it is still incredibly likely that the styling or his hair and the way it is cut is what makes it appear to look very different.

There are also suspicions by some that he is still using silicone scar sheets, scar reduction creams and gels, as well as Kelo-cote products to heal the scars he had suffered from an accident as a teen. It is actually very likely he is still using them now.

However, the only corrective surgery he has actually said he has gotten done was when he had gotten several cuts and gashes on his face as a 15 year old. He got these injuries after he had accidently walked into a shattered glass lamp. He mentioned that he was prompted to get the procedure because he couldn’t move any part of his injured face after the accident happened.

This isn’t quite as cosmetic as everyone is looking for when they are trying to find out why he still looks so young, but perhaps that is part of the reason why. Maybe this surgery had a lasting impact on his face and skin.

While it isn’t necessarily expected that an actor or actress must get plastic surgery done, it is very likely that it happens in the case of many actors because they are expected to always look good while they will be on film or on camera. This means that he could have gotten an operation done for this reason.

Actors, actresses especially, are also often forced to look a particular way for a film and often lose weight or do intense physical training for the film. Part of the looking good for a move falls in with plastic surgery. If you don’t fit in with what is considered handsome or beautiful, you aren’t as likely to get a leading or prominent role. This sometimes translates into getting plastic surgeries done in order to look good and actually land a role you truly desire.

Also being an actor, sometimes a certain feature will be accentuated or improved upon somehow through CGI graphics. In Bradley’s case, the most prominent feature is his eyes. His baby blue eyes are one of his most distinguishing features and some of the movies he has been in have even seemed to make them look bluer on screen. Due to this being a main feature of his appearance, some think he wears contacts to make them look bluer. This isn’t a plastic surgery by any means, but it could also be way his face looks so young or seems different somehow when looking between different pictures of him over the years.

The only other operation that isn’t a guess or suspicion by fans and media is from when punctured his eardrum. He was on a diving trip as a kid and it became punctured. He mentioned that he has a hole in his eardrums now and every time he used to go swimming, he would need to wear earplugs to protect it.

But this, again, isn’t a cosmetic plastic surgery or something done directly to his face. It wouldn’t have impacted how youthful he looks by any means.

As he is still considered naturally and ruggedly handsome by many, it doesn’t appear as if he has seen any type of plastic surgeon within recent years. It’s possible that with his workout routine and his decision to grow his hair out has made him look more different then before as well as still very young and handsome.

What do you think of Bradley Cooper getting plastic surgery? Do you think he actually got work done on his face or is using a chemical peel? Or do you believe that he just naturally looks young for his age? Let us know down below!


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