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Brandy Norwood Plastic Surgery Before and After

The recording artist, Brandy Norwood might have a little story with the beauty enhancement. the 36 years old looked fresh as always, even though her age is not young anymore. She will be 40 in the next 4 years.  some people feel curious with the way she keep her youthful look. And the thread of Brandy Norwood plastic surgery was no longer a new story. It had become hot topic in forums few years ago. It even invited comment from a plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer in makemeheal in 2010.

Brandy Norwood Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Brandy Norwood Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Brandy Norwood plastic surgery through nose job

The sign of nose job was noticed by the doctor, Michael. He noticed that the nose job had already reconstructed the shape of her nose. He believed that the nose job was done few years ago. You can see how well the rhinoplasty reshaped her nose. It appear with slimmer and more refined look. Brandy Norwood Nose job looked done well.

Among the American celebrities, a nose job is really popular. Brandy Norwood’s friend Kelly Rowland also got the same procedure. Kelly even got breast implant too.

Brandy Norwood Plastic Surgery
Brandy Norwood Plastic Surgery

Beside the nose job, Dr. Michael also notice the sign of botox and fillers injection on her face. The botox should be the possible reason why she appeared so smooth without any signs of aging like wrinkles and lines. The good news is, she didn’t overdo with the botox. It looked naturally done.While the fillers might might be injected on the cheek area. It appeared fuller and tight.

Talking about her appearance, Brandy Norwood actually had never explained about the surgery directly. But she ever expressed her feeling to the media about how she struggled about her low self-esteem on her own appearance.

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