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Bree Walker Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before and After

Bree Walker, the former news anchor looked having a bad days in her old days. Bree, 61, might never dream that her beautiful face in the past could be desroyed in short of time. What happened to her? Based on the news and media report, Bree Walker had gone under an overdone plastic surgery. It had gone wrong and made her appearance so horrible. You can see her beautiful look in the before picture. Then what happen to her after surgery in the after picture.

Bree Walker Plastic Surgery Before and After
Bree Walker Plastic Surgery Before and After

some plastic surgeries that gave bad impact to her face including botox injection, facelift, lip implant, browlift and many more.

Botox and facelift

These kinds of procedure are known well as procedures that could help the users to fight the aging. If these two procedure were done well, the user could get the best look. Sadly, Bree Walker didn’t get the best result. The botox had completely made her face smooth without wrinkles. But it looked too smooth and unnatural. It also made her brow lifted up.
Beside that the facelift was also done too aggressively. Her face now looked awful.the facelift made her face looked very tight and frozen.

Bree Walker Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong
Bree Walker Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong


the result of browlift was sen from the position of her brow. it looked elevated up. It didn’t give any good thing for her appearance. It even looked awful. moreover, the botox also made it more elevated.

Lip implants.
Bree’s current lips could be the reason why many people assumed that she got lip implants. Her lps looked big and fuller.

Bree Walkers and plastic surgery is very shocking. A lot people feel sorry for what happen to her. The plastic surgery had already made her appearance worse. sadly, she need to accept the rick by herself. Moreover media also said that Bree loved consuming alcohol that made her appearance so bad.

We hope that Bree Walker could get better future soon. She needs to stop doing anything tat could damage her image and appearance. Of course living in more natural way is the best option.

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