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Brie Larson Plastic Surgery Before and After

Brie Larson’s name bacame the hottest search recently. Because she was just chosen as the Oscar 2016 winner as the best actress. While Leonardo DiCaprio became the best actor. She might be very pleased and grateful. Her role in Room (2015) has brought her name to the top of her career. She is also only 26. Se still have long way ahead to reach further success.

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Talking about her appearance, Brie was reported having a plastic surgery. Based on the speculation, Brie Larson plastic surgery included the nose job (rhinoplasty).

So far, she has never confirmed anything related to this cause.

Brie Larson plastic surgery through nose job
Brie Larson plastic surgery through nose job

Brie Larson nose job

Here is Brie Larson before and after picture. You might find something different from the shape of her nose. Brie used to have bigger tip of nose. Nowadays, the big tip looked smaller. It could be the rhinoplasty, which has reconstructed her nose. Brie Larson nose job looks obvious. It was nicely done.

Did she get another surgery?

Unless the obvious nose job, we didn’t see any significant change on her appearance. It would be better if she stayed naturally from now on. Some people are wondering about what she will do in the future. Will she stay natural ?

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