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Brooke Burke Plastic Surgery Before and After

Brooke Burke and plastic surgery is another interesting topic among the other celebrities. brooke looked having a lot of expericence in this procedure. According to the media and chatters, Brooke might have some procedures including fillers and botox, a nose job, breast reduction, and an abdominoplasty. Was that true? just take a look the pictures below and compared them.

Brooke Burke Plastic Surgery Before and After
Brooke Burke Plastic Surgery Before and After

Fillers and Botox
Considering her age which has been over 40, Brooke might realize that she will face big problem of life, the aging. Therefore she might do fillers and botox injection. As you also know that Brooke is a model and actress. Beauty is a important requirements. she needs to keep this. The fiilers and botox are injected in her face. The fillers made her face fresher and tighter. While the botox has completely removed the wrinkles on her forehead. That’s why you see her so flawless. It’s fortunate that she didn’t go too far in this. She got nice and successful work.

Brooke Burke Nose Job
Brooke Burke Nose Job

Nose Job
nose job, or known well as rhinoplasty was also possibly done by her. The sign of this procedure was seen on her nose. The difference between her current and previous nose is on the shape. Her current nose looked narrower.The rhinoplasty successfully made the bridge of nose thinner, and the tip was made smaller than before.

Brooke Burke Plastic surgery Breast Reduction
Brooke Burke Plastic Surgery Breast Reduction

Breast reduction
this is another shocking decision that she ever made. When many actress step on plastic surgery to make their breast bigger, Brooke even made her breast smaller. Many people still wonder the reason why she took this way. Some of them believe that Brooke not enjoy having big breast and she got breast reduction to make her more comfortable.

Brooke is a mother of 4 children. Of course she had got body problem when she gave a birth to all her children. What we see today is, she still has very nice and flat stomach. She looked having good body figure. That’s why the speculation about abdominoplasty which refix her stomach blown strongly. This procedure than was discussed controversially. Some people disagree with it, and claimed that brooke got exercises and tight diet. And some others believe that abdominoplasty made her stomach back to normal/flat.

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