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Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery Before and After

One of the most popular actress in America, Cameron Diaz seems having plastic surgery stories. The people noticed her appearance from time to time. Of course she looked a bit different with a more youthful look. However recently Cameron Diaz publicly told that he regrets her decision to go under the knife.

What happened to her?  According to the medias, Cameron had already done some procedures including botox, nose job and breast implants.

Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery
Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery

Botox Injection

Cameron Diaz is actually41 years old today, burt her appearance didn’t look like a 41 years old woman. Her face look so refresh. Her forehead looked so smooth and flawless without any signs of wrinkles. The botox injection was said as her true problem that she regrets. the botox made her face looked too smooth and frozen. She felt taht she wenta bit too far through this procedure. She told the public that she prefer having an aging on her face to doing botox injection (again)

Beside the Botox injection, Cameron Diaz also got breast implants and nose job. however, she has not told about them. But if she had seen the before and after pictures, Cameron has no shield to avoid or deny it.

Cameron Diaz Breast implants
Cameron Diaz Breast implants

Breast Implants

Friom the before and after pictures below, you can see that the size of her breat looked having changes. The size of her breast turned bigger and rounder now. Talking about the boob job she took, the breast implants had made her to be a nice busty women. She no longer has flat chest like she used to.

Cameron Diaz Nose Job
Cameron Diaz Nose Job

Nose Job
another change on her face was the nose. Cameron got different shape of nose now. It must be the result of rhinoplasty. The sign of it was very obvious. The nose job she did looked so natural. The bridge of her nose looked slimmer and the tip of the nose also turned smaller.

unless her disappointing botox injection. It seems Cameron Diaz got big advantage on her nose job and breast implants. those two changes made her more confident.
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