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Candace Cameron Plastic Surgery Before and After

Candace Cameron came on the scene at an extremely young age. You might all remember her as DJ, the eldest daughter of three, in the hit family sitcom from the 1990s, Full House. Others may know her due to the family she was born into, the conservative Cameron family—a family that leads the way in Christian spirituality and has for years. Many know this because of her kooky older brother Kirk Cameron and his odd theories on spirituality.

No matter where you know her from, most of us know her from being a child actress. Thus, we have seen her grow up from a child to a teenager and now returning as an adult. We’ve seen her face change throughout the years, so it would be a little easier to spot some work being done.

Yes, we mean that many fans of Full House and the Cameron household have noticed some facial alterations in Mrs. Candace Cameron’s facial features. Although, all of these possible changes are all complete speculation. Candace Cameron, herself, refuses to humor the accusations and there is no real evidence to prove either side.

But here we decided to let you in on all the possible plastic surgeries that people speculate that Candace Cameron has had from the finale of Full House to now with the recreation of the series in the form of Fuller House.

They have said that Candace Cameron has had a nose job (rhinoplasty), Botox injections to her face and forehead, a face lift, and a few cheek fillers. Is there any truth to these speculated accusations? Let’s see what evidence we do have. Here are our thoughts on each facial arranging allegations.

Before the Speculated Surgeries

As we stated before, many people are familiar with Candace Cameron, her face, and her work because of the 90s sitcom Full House. In the show, Candace Cameron played the eldest daughter, so we literally watched her age through puberty up until the end of her high school years. So, many fans and speculators have had a good range of what her face is supposed to look like now that she has aged to her older years.

But many cry shenanigans at the face Candace now yield. Once excited to see her grow up into a graceful and beautiful adult, many fans now believe she has had minor tampering to her facial features to emulate a state of looking younger. If that is true, then her plan has seemingly backfired. As she still has wrinkles and drooping around the range of her face. Let’s review over what she could have possibly had done.

Is that a Nose Job?

Candace Cameron Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Candace Cameron Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Rhinoplasty is a very common procedure in Hollywood. In fact, it is rare to not see a star have some changes done to their nasal bridge at some point in their careers. It is just heavily encouraged that they go under the knife so they stay in the proper trend for today’s beauty.

Candace Cameron’s baby face from Full House took aback fans when she came back for Fuller House with a narrower arrow in the front of her face. This is where the suspicion of facial reconstruction began to arise.

Fans were unconvinced that gentle aging had granted Candace Cameron with a different nose shape. That isn’t an impossible thing to happen in aging, but it is rare and very uncommon. And with the frivolousness of nose jobs that happen in Hollywood, the most logical reasoning was some rhinoplastic surgery. Candace Cameron has vehemently refused that the rumors of her possible nose job to be true. But many fans and spectators are feeling quite unconvinced.

Botox Injections Accusations

Candace Cameron Plastic Surgery Before and After
Candace Cameron Plastic Surgery Before and After

At the same time that the nose job speculations came up, there started to be some speculation about another face altering procedure. Not a surgery this time, but instead a box full of Botox shots. It is very common for aging women in the Hollywood scene, starting as young as 21, to start getting slight Botox to keep the youthfulness in their cheeks, chin, and especially their foreheads.

The Botox allows the forehead to break back wrinkles from everyday appearance, and this is what fans felt they started seeing in Candace Cameron after her return to the small screen. Accusations of Botox stemmed from her clear forehead and wrinkle-less complexion. Now that the starlet is between her 30s and 40s, fans are calling shenanigans.

Normally in every human, wrinkles start to become noticeable in their 20s, but at most before their 30th birthday. Cameron is pushing almost 40 and her skin is as clear as day, I think some tampering may have been involved is what many fans are crying.

An Ultimate Face Lift or Just Graceful Aging?

In liu of the previous accusation, some believe that Candace Cameron has not gotten Botox injections. Instead they think she opted for a more effective surgical treatment: a full on face lift procedure. This would explain the lessening of wrinkles and a smooth facial surface at her age.

However, many people speculate the legitimacy of this because normally face lists are very easy to point out because the skin looks inhumanly pulled back by surgical specialization. This is not the case with Candace Cameron.

Her face looks incredibly natural, which would point more logically to Botox. However, in this scene nowadays, you can never really tell. Perhaps, she had a very expensive and precise face lift. We’ll never know unless she comes out and says so herself.

Cheek Fillers

Cheek fillers are a much more normal procedure in the modern age; however, they were not as popular back in the 90s. It is speculated that Candace Cameron may have tried cheek fillers, but stayed true to her 90s TV show roots and went against them.

There are some photos and a few interviews in which many fans have spotted an unnatural deflation in Cameron’s facial features. To this they point to the popularized cheek fillers. A speculation, but not one with the most support and backing. But, every case is a fair possibility.

Candace Cameron’s Disappointed Response to these accusations

Candace Cameron has heard about all of these surgical and facial altering accusations against her, as we have stated previously. And she is not happy about it. She has openly stated to the press that she is unhappy with the accusations people have made about her appearance. Plastic surgery is not a part of her lifestyle, nor is it something she has ever desired.

Candace Cameron claims that she, like every other young female, has facial insecurities. However, she says, that has never been enough to make her even think about getting plastic surgery, let alone actually go through that many procedure on her face. She is concerned that the bad and negative coverage on her possible plastic surgeries is disgusting and could affect her children negatively. To Candace Cameron, not all press is good press. All bad press is beyond horrible press.

She has denied any of the procedures being accurate. She has claimed to have never had any plastic surgeries done on her face or her body. Instead, all of this speculation is really nothing more than people needing to talk about something.

And there is no proof for her to give out about not having surgeries because there is no paperwork that states no surgery has been done on a person. It’s all self-assessment. Only the doctor, the law, and the person under the knife will ever know the truth about the matter. And right now only Candace Cameron has openly spoken about the absence of those surgeries ever occurring. So, we might as well take her word for it, right?

She has stated that she would pray for people to stop accusing her and her friends of undergoing the knife. And many fans support her and try to stop the advocation of promoting Candace Cameron possibly having plastic surgeries. This has worked to an extent; however, there are still malicious documents that come out often about the contrary belief.

Our Concluding Thoughts On the Matter

We will never know whether or not Candace Cameron has ever gotten plastic surgery done on her person. Unlike many other denier of plastic surgery, Candace Cameron actually does look completely natural. So, if there was ever any surgeries or alterations, the public will only know because Candace Cameron herself has revealed it to the press and her fans. Other than that, the whole think will remain a mystery.

But we are concerned in what you think. Do you believe in the speculations surrounding this previous Full House star? Have you noticed facial changes between her final appearance in Full House and her debut in Fuller House that seemed unnatural or surgically altered? If Candace Cameron has had plastic surgeries, does it change your perspective on her as a role model and successful actress?

Tell us all your comments and more! Search social media for your own evidence and get involved in what you choose to believe!

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