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Carey Mulligan Plastic Surgery Canceled

Carey Mulligan is an attractive English actress. She debuted as an actress in 2004. You might know her well in a movie entitled “An Education”. She played alongside Peter Sarsgaard and Rosamund Pike (read more about Rosamund Pike plastic surgery here)

Now she has been 30 years old. As she is getting older, some people are wondering if he would do such plastic surgery like many other celebrities. And the thread of Carey Mulligan plastic surgery became warm topic in some forums.

Carey Muligan Plastic Surgery Rumor
Carey Muligan Plastic Surgery Rumor

Did she get any plastic surgery so far?

You know that plastic surgery is quite popular among the celebrities, especially in Hollywood. However, the speculation about Carey Mulligan plastic surgery might be just a pure speculation. Moreover she didn’t need to do that so far. She still got good skin. With some natural skin treatment, she can keep her natural look nicely without surgery.

To Elle Magazine, Carey told about her experience when discussing botox injection with a plastic surgeon. Carey was suggested to have botox injection. The doctor said that the botox could keep her away from the wrinkles and loosing skin. But Carey didn’t go. She explained that botox could make her face difficult to move.

Carey might have thought about the big risk of surgery. Avoiding plastic surgery  should be a good decision. We hoped that she will keep her look with natural way as always. What do you have in mind about Carey Mulligan plastic surgery cancellation? Do you think that she need it or not? Leave your opinion in the available box.

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