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Carla Bruni Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before and After Picture

Carla Bruni plastic surgery news recently become hot topic.Carla might have overdone botox and  you know that, Carla actually got very beautiful appearance in the past. She was also blessed with very attractive and natural look.However the untold mystery that she kept might have ruined her beauty and achievement as well. The new Carla Bruni looked so different from before.  Her current face is so frozen and almost unrecognizable.

Carla Bruni Plastic Surgery
Carla Bruni Plastic Surgery

Overdone botox injection

This kind of procedure had been favorite among the celebrities. It was believed as the most effective beauty shortcut that could solve the aging problem. That’s why many celebrities choose the botox to make their face younger. But not all of them could be successful in this way. Carla Bruni is one of celebrity who took a wrong path by having botox. You an see her current face. She looked so frozen with wrinkle-less forehead. She didn’t look natural at all.

Fillers injection

Carla also got some fillers injection on her face. This is the reason why some parts of her face looked swollen. The significant change was seen from the shape of her cheek. It looked fuller than she used to have. It’s so unfortunate that she didn’t control the amount of fillers smartly. As the result, her face looked weird.

Many people wondered what she felt right now with that frozen face.the people believed that she might feel uncomfortable. It’s so sad, but she needs to take all the risk. This is a bad side of plastic surgery usage. You might know well about some celebrities who got plastic surgery gone wrong like Joan Van Ark, Suzanne Sommers, etc. If you really want to make our face younger through plastic surgery, then you need to make sure everything went under control.

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