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Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery Before and After

Carol Burnet has been 80 years old. She had already spent more than 5 decades on her career. She could be ene of the oldest actress in Hollywood today. Even tough she has been 80, Carol still didn’t look that old. She looked 25 years younger than she must be. That’s why the people assumed that plastic surgery procedures had maintained her look pretty well so far. seeing from her current smooth appearance, she might have done some procedures including facelift and botox.

Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery
Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery

There’s a common problem for some people who is growing old. This is the aging. Some people might try to live more natural way, but for some others they would like to pay some money to get better look. The facelift and the botox injection were two best procedure to keep someone younger. carol might get the combinations of those procedure

if you see the before and after picture, you can see how well the facelift and botox keep her beauty and youthful face. The facelift might have re-tightened her facial skin. Beside that, the botox injection, had removed all the lines and annoying wrinkles on her face. Caril looked smoother now. fortunately the surgery was done well and not overdone.

She now could spend her old days with a more youthful look. However, she still need to realize that, plastic surgery is not always a good thing to get. if she didn’t control it well, she could get unexpected result like Pete Burns, Kim Novak etc.

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