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Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before and After

Talking about Carrot Top, actually it has become very popular plastic surgery cases from several years ago. The face looked very smooth ageless and shiny. It might be caused by some extreme cosmetic surgeries. From the photos spread, he had changed a lot from he used to be known. However, the red curly haired man seems disagree with people’s opinion, even though it was clearly seen as plastic surgery result. He claimed that he did nothing on plastic sugery. He also briefly told the public that, make up made her face like that.

In the other hands the people believed that he got multiple cosmetic surgeries including botox, browlift, possible facelift, and dermal fillers.

Carrot Top Plastic Surgery
Carrot Top Plastic Surgery

Botox Injection
carrot top might have botox injection on her face seen from his forehead. It looked so flawless, smooth without any wrinkles. As you know that carrot top is nearly 50 years old now. But he still has wrinkle-less face. that’s why the people have no doubt to say that the botox is behind this.His face looked so unnatural for a man in his age.

beside the bowtox which removed all the wrinkles, there might also be facelift that made his face so tight today. he almost has no saggy skin left on hi face now. He completely mae his face tighter like a younger person.

Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Before After
Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Before After

From the before and after picture you can see that his brow looked more elevated now. the browlift was said as a procedure that made it, If you compare his picture, you might realize that he changed his image from innocent face to scarier face.

Dermal Fillers.
Some areas also possibly got some kinds of fillers like juvederm. His lips, cheek and some other areas might get this injection too.

Some people dislike how he looks like today, Carrot Top looked so plastic. It’s very unfortunate that he didn’t admit it and made many people keep guessing. But, his apperance could be enough reference to decide whether he got plastic surgeries or not. This is one of the worst plastic surgery.

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