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Catherine Bell Plastic Surgery Before and After

Catherine Bell is so gorgeous even though she has been over 40 years old today.Many people questioned about the secret of her beauty. Some of the people noticed that her current appearance looked so fresh and a bit different. they believed that it was caused by the plastic surgery that she took in recent years.

By comparing the before and after picture, it seems Catherine Bell got some procedures included nose job, facelift and eyelid surgery too.

Catherine Bell Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Catherine Bell Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Nose Job
this kind of procedure could be seen obviously on her face. If you take a look at the pictures, you will see the difference between her nose in the past, and the new one. her current nose looked narrower. However some of her fans love the previous nose shape. They said that without nose job, her nose looked better and more natural for her face.

Catherine Bell Plastic Surgery Before and After
Catherine Bell Plastic Surgery Before and After

The facelift

In order to rejuvenate her look, Catherine bell looked having facelift. As we know that Cathrine is not young anymore, we guessed it’s reasonable for her to get facelift and made her look fresh and youthful. As the result, her face now looked tight. There’s no sagging skin.And the facelift was done nicely and not overdone.

Eyelid surgery
another procedure, eyelid surgery seems got important role in refreshing her eyes. Catherine’s eyes looked so fresh. It has no wrinkles or bags surround it. The eyelid surgery was also done very well.

Looking at Catherine Bell today, she looked very enjoying with how the life goes on, even though some people though that she didn’t need any surgery. What do you think of it?

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