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Chad Kroeger Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job, Botox

Talking about Chad Kroeger today, you might firstly know a name of singer. That’s Avril Lavigne. Chad Kroeger is Avril’s husband. They married in 2013. There’s a unique thing about Chad Kroeger today. His appearance looked so different. He got some changes on his appearance. He had changed his hairstyles and  beard. But, the people think that the hair and the beard were not the only parts that got changes. It seems, Chad might get some plastic surgery to enhance his look as well.

Chad Kroeger Plastic Surgery Before and After
Chad Kroeger Plastic Surgery Before and After

This procedure must have been done by him. Even though this procedure is not too popular among the male celebrities. But seeing his current look. It should be very possible. Chad Kroeger didn’t have any wrinkles or lines on his forehead. His face looked so smooth and fresh. The botox must have removed all the sign of aging and keep his appearance youthful.

Chad Kroeger Nose Job
Chad Kroeger Nose Job

nose job
the second procedure was the nose job (rhinoplasty). But this is just still  a rumor. You can see the before and after picture., Chad looked having narrower and straighter bridge of nose. Moreover, the rhinoplasty also reshaped the tip of his nose to be smaller.

Could it be the effect of make up? But, if the nose job speculation was true. then he had got something good. his nose looked more defined and match on his face.

It is actually not too surprising to know that the celebrities went under the knife and enhance their look. But it could be interesting if they were our favorite stars. The Nickelback lead singer looked too good for his current age. What do you think guys? Did you see the signs of surgeries on his face?


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