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Charisma Carpenter Plastic Surgery Before and After

If you remember a popular TV series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, then you must know Charisma Carpenter very well. She is a talented American actress. he played a role as Cordelia Chase. Now, Charisma has been 44 years old. How was she today? In fact, she is still so hot and adorable.

Despite her age which is no longer young, it seems Charisma keep her beauty very well. She didn’t look as old as her age. she even looked younger. What’s the secret?

Seeing from her appearance, the people assumed that Charisma had already gone under the knife. The thread of Charisma Carpenter Plastic surgery had become nice topic among the citizen in recent years. Her sexier and younger look made the speculations are strongly possible.

Charisma Carpenter Plastic Surgery
Charisma Carpenter Plastic Surgery

What kinds of plastic surgery that she might get?

Based on the speculations spread, she might do some beauty enhancements including botox, fillers injection, nose job and breast implants. Was that true? you might try to compare her appearance in the pictures.

Botox and Fillers Injection

The usage of botox and fillers was seen from her current appearance. Charisma looked having smooth and wrinkle-less face. We don’t see any clear signs of aging on her face. She might have used the botox to control the aging and removed the wrinkles. While, the fillers were injected on her cheek as supporting procedure. The cheek looked fuller than usual. The fillers like juvederm or restylane might also be used in her lips.

Charisma Carpenter Nose Job

still about her face. now, the change was seen from the shape of the nose. If you compare the before and after picture, you might realize that her nose got different shape. The new nose looked having slimmer bridge. the tip looked obviously reshaped.

Charisma Carpenter Breast Implants
Charisma Carpenter Breast Implants

Last but not least, the breast implants would be the most visible work on her body. In this age, Charisma got perfectly rounded boobs. The breasts appeared with bigger and rounder size. Charisma Carpenter breast implants speculation was hard to deny.

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