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Charlize Theron Plastic Surgery Before And After Photo

Charlize Theron is a South African and American celebrity and an ex-model that has always entranced their fans with her killing looks. She is a true diva who has always been in the spotlight on account of her talent, dressing style and sometimes due to controversies.


She has played an evil role of a queen obsessed of being young forever in Snow white and the Huntsman. But in reality she is not that fond of being young and she says that her magnificence is natural and not a result of any facial work. This statement was the result of the acquisitions drawn upon her for going under the knife as she has a fascinating beauty. Many people still claim that she has done plastic surgery to enhance her facial appeal. People are curious to know and media still question her if she had gone through any beauty procedures.

Charlize made a comeback from the movie Young Adult and did various promotions on big screen through big banners and denied bits of gossip for any nose job done and she says that her nose is real though if you have a glance on her before and after pictures you can notice a noteworthy contrast. She admitted other buzz of minor improvements such as Botox and lip injections to improve her looks and sources, her face looked little puffy on red carpet due to plastic surgery.

Her lower face part looks strangely stiffer and seemed to have a nose surgery combined with lip job. This is clearly visible in the images as the area looked smooth and subtle. However her old nose was apt and looked good but few people make out that the nostrils were little big and her new looks are well defined with smaller nostrils and clean shaped nose.  With this sculptured nose she is looking fabulous and damsel. 

The rumors went wild when she was noticed with a perfect breast as was suspected of getting breast implants. Nevertheless this news was shorn of and many say that she did not conducted any breast surgery.

She looked different after her comeback but below the neck her B cup sized breast looked same as they were before. Though her breast seemed bigger at her role in Monster when she added some extra pounds for the movie but it went same when she shed those pounds. Charlize Theron herself made it clear that her protruding breast in the film is because of weight gain and not because of surgery.

There’s no doubt that she is one of the hottest celeb in Hollywood with great body and almost perfect face which makes her an outstanding cast in every movie she does and because of her bootylicious figure and charming face she has always been in rumors of plastic surgeries. Up till now this African American gorgeous lady has always deprived of these rumors still there is some evidence which hardly rebuff these rumors.

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