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Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Before and After

Chelsea is the only daughter of ex-president of America, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. Her father’s name is not the only thing that made her very popular. But, the change on her appearance made it too. Chelsea looked so different. It is strongly caused by the plastic surgery. The changes were seen from the chin shape and the nose.

Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Chin Implants Nose Job
Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Chin Implants Nose Job

Chin implant
the first obvious procedure she did was the chin implants. Even though she only did a chin implant on her lower face, but it give a strong change. the shape of her face looked more oval now. It looked better than before. It’s a nice work.

Nose Job
the second procedure that was done by her is the nose job, or medically known as a rhinoplasty. Her big and wide nose might be the reason why she did it. Before the nose job, Chelsea had ever been suggested to do this procedure. some people said that her nose looked too big for her face.

The nose job looked done nicely. She got a narrower nose. The tip also looked smaller now. The plastic surgeon has done the procedure successfully. She might be very satisfied with the doctor.

Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery
Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery


Beside those two procedure. Chelsea also seems enjoying her current lips. It looked so nutritious and fuller. she might want to have a sexier lip.

Talking about her current appearance, Chelsea actually got successful plastic surgeries so far. The procedures changed her a lot. It made her more beautiful and more attractive. Even though those things are fake, but she looked ignoring the facts and enjoy her best look today. What do you think of her appearance?


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