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Chelsea Handler Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

Chelsea Handler is known well as a talented American star. She is not only good in acting, she is also a comedian and a TV host. Even though she has been 40 years old, she is still hot and attractive. Some of you might wonder if she got some beauty enhancements.

Chelsea Handler Plastic Surgery Before and After
Chelsea Handler Plastic Surgery Before and After

Chelsea Handler plastic surgery thread is still debatable. In some forums, this thread is still one of the hottest discussion. Moreover, she has never confirmed anything about it.

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There was a big moment when she met Piers Morgan in Chelsea Lately Talkshow in January 2013. Piers Morgan asked Chelsea whether she got plastic surgery or not. Chelsea didn’t admit it. She just answered,

“You are so annoying, you are so obnoxious and you wonder why everyone hates you.”

Chelsea didn’t look happy with the question. She also didn’t explain it further.

What kinds of plastic surgery that she possibly got?

Chelsea handler facelift and botox?

Considering from her age, many people speculated if Chelsea get both procedures to keep her appearance fresh as always. You know that facelift and botox has been done by many celebrities to keep their young appearance. It is not too surprising if Chelsea get this done.

Both procedure may be the reason why she looked fresh with tight facial skin so far. She also appeared with wrinkle-less forehead. However, Chelsea Handler Plastic Surgery is still debatable. He fresh beauty may be fromĀ  natural treatment.

Chelsea handler Breast Implants
Chelsea handler Breast Implants

Breast implants

There was also a possibly of breast implants. Her current boobs still looks tight and rounded. Could it be Chelsea Handler breast implants?

Do you have any idea about Chelsea handler plastic surgery?

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