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Cher Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Cher, the living legendary singer from America looked so smooth and flawless today. Even though she has been 66 years old (age), but her face didn’t show any sign of aging. That’s why the people believed that plastic surgeon must be behind of her beauty.
You might feel shocked after seeing her current appearance. In this case, Cher got some lastic surgeries including facelift, blepharoplasty, botox and rhinoplasty. She did multiple enhancement to keep her beauty till now.

Cher Plastic Surgery before and after
Cher Plastic Surgery before and after

Facelift and Botox
The queen of pop, cher is strongly possible to do facelift due to her age. She is no longer young now. The facelift had tightened her facial skin. She doesn’t have sagging skin anymore. She is so youthful with flawless look.While the botox injection also take an important role. The botox removed all the wrinkles and made her forehead so smooth.

Cher also refreshed her oldy eyes with a plastic surgery. It is called a blepharoplasty, or the cool name is eyelid surgery. By having this procedure, she took of the bags under her eyes and made it nice. And the wrinkles around it also removed instead.

Cher Plastic Surgery
Cher Plastic Surgery

another enhancement that Cher got was the rhoinoplasty, or best known as a nose job. Tis procedure had made significant change on her nose. It has successfully reshaped her nose to be narrower. It looked more pointed now. She did a nice nose job, even though some people think that the nose job is unimportant thing.

talking about the result of the plastic surgery, a lot of people are impressed with how the plastic surgery work on her face. The procedures helped her a lot to keep her youthful look.

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