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Christina Aguilera Before and After Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery leaves Aguilera looking like a different person to the pop princess we remember

Blond Ambition

Christina Aguilera shot to fame after appearing on the Disney Channel, as well as the American talent show ‘Star Search’. Her sassy voice and stunning appearance made her the perfect idol for millions of teenage girls and admiring teenage boys alike. Her forays into acting have been hugely popular, too, with Burlesque becoming a cult favorite among young women in particular! Known for her power ballads, ongoing promotion of female power and unashamed female sass, Christina is a firm favorite among many. In Hollywood, the rumor mill is constantly churning, and its latest load suggest the singer has undergone multiple surgeries to alter her appearance…

Storm in A C-Cup

The singer turned actress has gone through some changes that no diet or lifestyle choice can be held responsible for. That said, we would love to know if there is a natural way to go from an A to C cup overnight! In her early days as a starlet, Christina was a tiny lady in all aspects of the word. She quickly joined the troops of female celebrities giving themselves a boost, through surgery, it seems. We’re in absolutely no way judging Xtina for undergoing breast augmentation, and think she looks fab either way.

At first, it seems she had a breast augmentation – a form of plastic surgery which increases breast size, as well as changing the shape and positioning on the body. After giving birth, her breasts did naturally expand and it’s believed that she then had reduction surgery to take them back to a more ‘natural’-looking size. Breasts do change shape throughout a woman’s life, constantly altering slightly based on hormones, lifestyle and diet choices. Either way, we’re pretty sure she had a hand in it all, and not from Mother Nature!

Botox Injections

Botox is all the rage amongst Hollywood celebs, and has been for some time. A rather uncomfortable-sounding procedure involving needles, Botox fills out skin, refreshing it of any wrinkles or sagging – things that come naturally with age. The aim of this painful little game is to have skin that looks revived and youthful. However, Botox can all too often result in faces becoming devoid of expression, or the ability to move as before, due to ‘numbing’ muscles and tissues in the face. Xtina seems to have chosen to go for Botox – her skin is smoother than when she first started out in the music business! We think we’ll stick to having wrinkles, thanks – needles and an inability to raise your eyebrows seems like too much of a risk to take, especially given our penchant for sarcasm…

Lip-fillers are incredibly popular, too, promising to give you a sexier, fuller smile. It appears that Christina opted for this type of cosmetic surgery as part of a package deal! Luckily for her, the effect is fairly natural and suits her face. Other celebrities who have gone under the knife have not been so fortunate. The ‘Bride of Wildenstein’ is one of the latest celebs to have experienced what can happen if surgery doesn’t go 100% your way. Whilst the surgery was her choice, we think she looked better before – sorry, Jocelyn!

More Rhinoceros Than Rhinoplasty?

The infamous ‘nose job’ is yet another household term in Hollywood, with many celebs rumored to have turned to this type of cosmetic surgery to work on their facial features. Professionally known as ‘rhinoplasty’, nose jobs include the removal of facial tissue and cartilage to alter the appearance of the nose, be it shorter, slimmer or svelte that you’re after! Christina appears to have had nose surgery; the shape is slightly slimmer if you look closely. Her cheeks, too, seem to have been worked on and have a fuller appearance than they did in her youth. Nose jobs can go horribly wrong – Lil Kim, we love you, but your natural nose was so much nicer!

Sizing Up the Situation…

We want to make it crystal clear that we are in no way judging Christina for the choices she’s made regarding her own body and appearance – it’s totally her choice what she does! There are many reasons to undergo surgery, and you never know someone’s true motive for going under the knife.

Some people choose to get surgery to correct birth defects, including cleft lip palates and birthmarks – whatever makes you feel more comfortable! For others, cosmetic surgery can be restorative after an accident that effects skin tissue and leaves burning or scaring.

And, in many cases, it’s for aesthetic purposes. Most of us are hung-up on at least one aspect of our appearance, and some of these insecurities are easier to ‘fix’ than others. Gym, diet and lifestyle can be helpful in altering certain aspects of how we look, especially given that a high proportion of our bodily confidence comes from our shape and size. Certain parts of how we look are not so easily to alter, however, which is why surgery can be the ideal solution for some of us.

Give Yourself a Boost!

Too many people spend time letting their hang-ups hold them back from doing what they really want. Life is too short to be spent sitting indoors and hiding yourself from the world. Cosmetic surgery can be a great way to improve your self-confidence if you genuinely see no other way to get around the feelings of insecurity you’re experiencing. Nose jobs, lip fillers and breast augmentations are all ways to help boost your confidence if you have a certain facial problem or body area that you really want to change. And why not? If you have the funds, and bravery, to go under the knife, go for it!

Keeping It Under Wraps?

So, why the silent treatment, Xtina? We understand that it must be hard to be honest about your appearance when you’re already under so much scrutiny, but there’s no judgment! We, along with an awful lot of people out there, believe that your body is yours to do whatever you want with.

Tattoos, hair dye and makeup are all ways that we alter our image, so why should surgery be any different? Sure, it’s normally a permanent change, but if it’s something you feel strongly enough about to be operated on, you’re pretty likely to be happy to commit to if for that long!

Nothing but Love!

Christina, let it be known that we will always love you for your sass, and for inspiring a generation of young women to be independent and full of ‘girl power’, whatever you do or don’t do with your face! We believe that it is 100% your choice to have surgery or stay natural, and to keep quiet about it if you want to, we just want you to know that you’ll always have our support. ‘You are beautiful, in every single way’ – remember?


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