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Christina Milian Plastic Surgery Before and After

Christina Milian is an attractive nd talented singer. She is just 34 years old. Don’t you know that Christina signed a contract with Def Jam since she was 19. And now, 15 years had past. She also has changed a lot. The people knew that the change on her appearance was not obnly caused by the aging. Some medias reported that Christina had gone under some beauty enhancements.

Christina Millian Plastic Surgery Before and After
Christina Millian Plastic Surgery Before and After

4 years ago, newsmakemeheal told that the singer had gone under the knife to refine her look after pregnancy. There was a big possibility that she was helped by tummy tuck and liposuction in order to make her body back to normal. BesideĀ  she also got her boobs done to be bigger. Christina Millian breast implants was seen in the picture. Compared to her previous boobs, she got bigger and rounder boobs now. It should be a boob job.

Christina Millian Nose Job
Christina Millian Nose Job

Further, a plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer also shared his opinion related to Christina Milian plastic surgery. Dr. Michael noticed a rhinoplasty work. He believed that the nose job mad Christina’s nose looked more defined. Don’t you notice it?

Another plastic surgery that she possibly got was the butt implants. As reported by E! online, Christina Milian visited a plastic surgeon to enhance the size of her butt. It was said that She wanted to have nice butt like Halle Berry. However, she was not too serious to go under this procedure. She has not confirmed anything about doing a butt implants. E! online reported another interesting news. Christina wore a fake but implant!

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