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Christina Ricci Plastic surgery Before and After Nose job, Breast Reduction

Christina Ricci is quite popular for a lot of movies. You might ever watch sleepy Hollow (1999) and Casper (1995). As a popular actress, The 34 years old lady can’t avoid any plastic surgery speculations. some people in forums noticed that Christina Ricci looked a bit different from she used to be. She got a change on her nose and she also possibly got breast reduction as well.

Christina Ricci Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Christina Ricci Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Nose job (rhinoplasty)

Nose job is a popular procedure in America. It’s no longer rare.if only, Christina got a nose job, it’s not truly surprising. The procedure had become a trend though. But for some of her fans, the feel a bit shocked to know it. Was it true?
By looking at the before after pictures, you might get something interesting.
Christina used to have a wider nose. And the tip was also bigger. After the rhinoplasty, now her nose looked a bit slimmer on the bridge part, and the tips had turned smaller.

Christina Ricci Plastic Surgery Breast reduction
Christina Ricci Plastic Surgery Breast reduction

Breast reduction
Commonly some women would love to enhance their appearance by having a breast implants. It can make their breast fuller and rounder. However, not all women think of the same thing. Christina even got her breast reduction. Unlike the other celebrities who got boob job, she reduced the size of her breast to be smaller.

What do you think of her current appearance?Does she look better? Share your comments then.

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