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Claudia Schiffer Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

Claudia Schiffer is known well as a German model. She has been 45 years old today. She looks maintaining her beauty nicely. She looks youthful and fresh. Many people are wondering about her secret of beauty. Did she get some beauty enhancements?

Claudia Schiffer Plastic Surgery
Claudia Schiffer Plastic Surgery

The thread of Claudia Schiffer plastic surgery had been discussed since few years ago. In 2009, Some plastic surgeons shared their opinion about it. Reported in makemeheal, Dr. Paul Nassif believed that Claudia had nothing done for her face. The doctor were pretty sure about Claudia’s natural beauty. In the same moment, Dr. Paul also suggested Claudia to get a brow lift.

How about today? 6 years has past since Dr Paul’s comment. Do you believe that she didn’t do anything? Some people speculated that Claudia may have botox injection to control the wrinkles on her face. This might be reasonable. She didn’t get clear wrinkles on her face.

Claudia Schiffer Plastic Surgery fact or Rumor
Claudia Schiffer Plastic Surgery fact or Rumor

Claudia Schiffer Nose job Speculation

Dr. Jennifer Walden in makemeheal stated that she noticed  rhinoplasty work on her face, However, Claudia Schiffer nose job is debatable. You may see the before and after picture. Did she get a nose job?

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