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Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Clay Aiken was earlier known as an American idol star. In 2003, she joined the singing contest and won the second place.It was 10 years ago. when he was 24. Nowadays, Clay Aiken reappeared as a new person. What thing that makes him so different? It’s his appearance. He has changed a lot. Some people firstly thought that he got weight gain, but 2 years ago, Clay Aiken decided to explain the public. He got some plastic surgery to enhance his look. he had revealed some procedures that he got few years ago.

Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery Before and After
Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jaw surgery.

Clay Aiken, 36, had gone under jaw surgery.If you see the picture, you’ll find the difference easily. His jaw looked stronger and bigger now. Compare to his appearance in the past, the wider jaw made his appearance look more “man”. in the past, when she firstly appeared in TV Show,Clay Aiken looked so skinny with smaller jaw,

Nose job

the second procedure was the nose job (rhinoplasty). Some people said that,the nose job was done nicely. He no longer got wider nose. It had become a narrower nose.Th nose job had restructured his nose well. The shape of ala on both side of his nose looked nicely cut. It could be a supporting procedure to enhance his new look.

Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery
Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery


another surgery that he explained to the public was the chin surgery. he told that he got a liposuction on his chin.This procedure had suck out the fat on his chin. However, he didn’t explain why he got her chin done as well. We thought that he got the chin done to reshape his facial shape.

The plastic surgery had changed his appearance a lot.You might get mistake to judge who he is at the first time. He is almost unrecognizable. Some of hi fans in forums feel shocked to know that their idol had gone under the knife. Even though he got nice works, but in fact, it’s too shocking for them.

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