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CNN Anchor, Carol Costello Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

Carol Costello is best known as CNN anchor. Even though she has been 53 years old, she looked maintaining her appearance pretty well. She got gorgeous look and hot body figure. Talking about her facial look, some medias reported that this beautiful woman had already gone under the knife to save her young face.

Based on the news spread, it seems Carol had taken facelift and botox injection as her aging problem solver.

Carol Costello Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor
Carol Costello Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

you can see that Carol still looks gorgeous and youthful. She didn’t look old. She even looked fresher all the time. the people feel doubt if she didn’t go under any procedure. They believe that Carol Costello Plastic Surgery was not just a rumor.

She might have botox injection in order to keep her face away from wrinkles. As the result, her face looked smooth and flawless. She didn’t look as old as a woman in the same age. The facelift might also have important role. Some people believed that the facelift had retightened her face.

In some cases the usage of this combination is not always good. Some celebrities got fail work through this. If the speculation about Carol Costello plastic surgery true, she might be so pleased and grateful.

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