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Conan O’Brien Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

Te Late Night show Host, Conan O’Brien had become the people attention on recent years. It’s not only caused by her popularity as a comedian and the host, but also his appearance. There was a big indication that he had gne under the knife and enhance his look. It was seen from his current face. He might get some procedures at least the combination of botox and facelift. Don’t you see it ?

Conan O'Brien Plastic Surgery Before and After
Conan O’Brien Plastic Surgery Before and After

Was Conan O’Brien plastic surgery true?

This thread has not been confirmed yet. But the sign of the botox use can e seen clearly from his smooth face. It looks unusual for men in the same age. Many of you may wonder what he did to make his face smooth like today. The botox injection is the most reasonable procedure to do it. Mr. Conan today got a very smooth forehead without any wrinkles or lines. Some people thought that he got an overdone work with botox. His face looked having difficulty to move. The work of mini-facelift might bbe the reason wh his facial skin got tighter.

beside the botox, he may also get an eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty). This procedure took a part in rejuvenating his eyes. It kept her eyes free from bags and wrinkles around his eyes.

The thread of Conan O’Brien made many people gave their comments. Some of them thought that he looked unusual for the men in the same age. However Conan looks enjoying how he looks like today. Dies he feel comfortable? What do you have in  mind about Conan O’Brien plastic surgery? Leave your comment then

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