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Coronation Street, Sally Dynevor Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

Sally Whittaker, or known well as Sally Dynevor is an English actress. And she is very popular for her role in Coronation Street (since 1960), the longest-running soap Opera in Britain. Sally Dynevor got her role since 1986. Now, Sally Dynevor has been 52 years old. Despite her age which is getting older, she still appears freshly without wrinkles on her face. In this case, the thread of Sally Dynevor plastic surgery is warm enough to discuss.

Sally Dynevor Plastic Surgery Before and After
Sally Dynevor Plastic Surgery Before and After

Is Sally Dynevor plastic surgery true?

Actually, there’s still no confirmation about this. Seeing from her current look the speculation is still very possible. Moreover, the 52 years actress had already told the media that she considered having plastic surgery. In an interview in 2005 (reported in, Sally told that she would like to have botox injection to save her look from wrinkles and lines.  But she will avoid the facelift. Because she was afraid if the facelift didn’t run well like other plastic surgery cases.

10 years had past since her statement. It seems she is really benefited from the beauty enhancement like botox. You have known that many celebrities had gone under the knife to make their appearance younger. Wrinkles and lines had become an annoying things on their eyes. Now, Sally Dyevor looks fresh. The signs of aging like wrinkles can’t be found in her face. Fortunately, she didn’t go too far with this. The botox was don well. Sally Whittaker plastic surgery ran well. She might be pleased with it.

Many people still hope that she would reconsider to live more naturally. Beauty enhancement is not always a good option to keep young. The user need to take a big risk. Pete Burns is one of the star who went under an overdone plastic surgery (read more about Pete Burns plastic surgery). What do you have in mind about Sally Dynevor plastic surgery?

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