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Courteney Cox Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox

Plastic surgery had been very poplar among the celebrities. In their eyes, this procedure can help them a lot to fight aging or made their appearance better. Even though they will take a big risk by doing this, they got no doubt.  The celebrities also got no problem with the money they will spend.

Courteney Cox is one of them who went under the knife. But. She didn’t get the best look as she had expected. She goyt a bit frozen look after the surgery. She actually did some surgeries including Lip Injections, Botox Injections and Cheek Implants.

Courteney Cox Plastic Surgery
Courteney Cox Plastic Surgery

The botox injection
Like common celebrities who is over 40, Couteney might realize that she is getting old. Therefore, she took regular botox injection to solve the aging problem. The botox itself had been used by a  lot of people. On Courteney’s forehead, the botox removed all the wrinkles on her face and made her look flawless.

Lip Injection
Talking about her nutritious lips, Some people in forums asked about who inspires Courteney to get her lips done. Was it Angelina Jolie? She might dream to have sexier and more juicy lips,luckily, the lip injection made her lips looked so rosy. She looked great, even though she got an unnatural way.

courteney cox plastic surgery before after
courteney cox plastic surgery before after

Courteney also got a cheek implants on her face. You can see that her current cheek look puffy. However most of people dare to say that they didn’t see any adventage of her cheek implants and other surgery she took. They criticized that the plastic surgery had taken her natural beauty away from her face. She even looked frozen when she smiled.

Beside those, there’s also a controversial news about her and the breast augmentation (boob job). There was a rumor that said courteney Cox had done a breast implants and made her breast bigger. How if you try to compare the breast in the before and after picture. Did you see any difference? Surprisingly, a popular plastic surgeo Dr. Anthony Youn didn’t have same opinion with this rumor, he said that, when he saw her topless in several photos, he didn’t see any sign of boob job done.

Courtney’s plastic surgery had brought a lot of comments from the public. it has been controversially discussed. Some people loved how she maintained her beauty with such a way. but Some others think that she has sold her natural beauty

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