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Crystal Bernard Plastic Surgery Before and After

Crystal Bernard is best known as an actress and singer. She earlier appeared in a film, entitled “Young Doctors in love” in 1982. And now, she has been so rare to appear in TV program since 2008. When she is getting older, her name become people’s attention due to her appearance. The 53 years old lady was said having some procedures to keep her appearance attractive. She probably got facelift, botox, fillers. Further, the people also noticed that she got a nose job too. was it true? Ltet’s check these out.

Crystal Bernard Plastic Surgery
Crystal Bernard Plastic Surgery

facelift and botox
we guessed that you’ve already known well about these procedures. Both botox and facelift had become very popular today as aging solver. Most celebrities who is over 30 commonly got those things. They tried to fight the aging. crystal Bernard might do the same. considering from her age, she has enough reasons to do them. In her latest picture, you could see that her face looked smoother and fresher. she got no wrinkles and sagging skin. the procedures made her younger. it could be said as a successful work.

Fillers injection
in order to support her rejuvenating program, the fillers injection was said as the best option that she chose. It was seen from the shape of her cheek. It appeared fuller. By having the fillers injection, the rejuvenation looked more successful. She looked 20 years younger than her age now.

Crystal Bernard Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Crystal Bernard Plastic Surgery Nose Job

besides, there’s also a possibility that she went through a nose job (rhinoplasty). This procedure had reshaped her nose significantly. you can see the shape of the bridge today. It appeared slimmer than before. Her nose job was done well. however, in our opinion, the previous nose looked better and more natural. How do you think of it?

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