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Dana Bash Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Who is Dana Bash? She is actually not a celebrity, but American people might know her very well. She is an American Journalist and also an anchorwoman for CNN. The 43 years old name had slowly rise up. She was said having some palstic surgery procedures to save her appearance from the aging. Was it true?

Dana Bash Plastic Surgery Before and After
Dana Bash Plastic Surgery Before and After

You may try to compare between her appearance in the before and after picture. Did you realize it? How come a 40s years old woman could have a very tight facial skin without any wrinkles or sagging skin? This could be sign that the plastic surgery speculations could be true. Dana might get some procedures like facelift, botox and eyelid surgery too.

Botox injection
if we talk about botox injection usage, we must think about something on her face, the forehead. For a common woman, sign of aging is really a big problem.Getting a rid of them might be a solution. When her age is nearly 50, Dana bash appeared with a smooth look and wrinkle-less. we dodin’t see it as a common or natural thing. This is so close to cosmetic surgery. An a mount of botox injection might have been used by her in recent years.

the econd procedure which could be done by her wa the facelift. Rhis procedure had made her facial skin tighter than she must be. She looked much younger than her age, 15 years younger. The facelift itself was a good partner for the botox injection.You might know Hilary Clinton who got successful facelift we appreciated that Dana had hired a good plastic surgeon. She might feel more comfortable sensation now.

Beside having the facelift and the botox injection, Dana might also had refreshed her eyes to be younger by having eyelid surgery. That’s why she could get better eyes now.

Talking about whether it was true or not, the people need to keep waiting. Dana bash has not confirmed anything about it. But we guessed her excellent look in this old age .


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