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Dana Perino Plastic Surgery Before and After

Dana Perino used to be known as a White House Press Secretary in George W Bush era. Now, she has been 42 years old. One of things that made a lot of people impressed with her was the way she maintained her beauty and youthful appearance. The people assumed that she had gone under some procedures. Was it true? In some forums Dana Perino  plastic surgery thread is quite popular.

Dana Perino Plastic Surgery Before and After
Dana Perino Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Dana Perino go under the knife?

This thing is so possible. You may take a look at her appearance in the before and after picture. Dana might get some procedures to keep her beauty fresh. We noticed if she got regular botox injection and eyelid surgery too.

who doesn’t know botox injection? This procedure might be the most popular among the other cosmetic surgeries so far. And this has been a favorite among the popular people who already got aging problem. The sign of botox was seen from Dana Perino’s appearance. The botox might have taken care of her upper face beauty. you won’t find any sign of aging on her face like wrinkles. This wrinkles might have been removed with botox regularly. That’s why she didn’t look like the common woman in the same age. She even looked younger.

Dana Perino Plastic Surgery
Dana Perino Plastic Surgery

Beside the botox, the people also believed that she got a minor work of facelift. This surgery had made her facial skin tight and fresh. She didn’t appear with sagging skin at all. to be honest, the combination of the facelift and botox created a nice result.

As a supporting  procedure, eyelid surgery must have been done on her eyes. It kept her eyes youthful and fresh. It can keep her eyes away from the tired-looked eyes. As you know that she had got a lot of work as a career woman. Refreshing the eyes might be something that she really need to do.

Unfortunately, she didn’t give any explanation about it. The people are just able to guess. What do you think of her appearance? Leave a comment then.

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