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Daryl Hannah Plastic Surgery Before and After

Daryl Hannah is very popular, and mostly known for her role in Kill Bill. She took a role as a woman with one eye. Today she has been 53 years old. She appeared with very smooth look. She might be obsessed to be youthful. However she doesn’t look like the same woman whom many people know. She was said going too far under the knife, and punished herself with unnatural look. She can be listed as one of celebrity who got wrong plastic surgery. It’s shocking.

daryl hannah plastic surgery
daryl hannah plastic surgery

What kinds of plastic surgery she did? by comparing her transformation picture, the people speculated that she actually got botox injection, eyelid surgery and cheek implants. She might want to refresh her face. But she might never think if everything didn’t go as she had planned. Her plastic surgery had gone wrong.

The Botox Injection
It’s strongly possible to be done by her since her age become older. But, the amount of box she used is too much. Therefore, the botox caused a bi problem on her face. She got a very unnatural smooth look. Her face looked completely frozen.

daryl hannah plastic surgery before after
daryl hannah plastic surgery before after

Eyelid Surgery
You can see her current eyes and compared it to the previous one. Her current eyes looked small and weird. It looked more horrible. She might feel very regretful. Her eyelid looked so bad. It turned herself into someone else. She is so hard to be recognized

Cheek Implants
and the most obvious change on her face was her cheek that was possibly caused by the cheek implants. The cheek implants didn’t change anything. Her face was done badly with the surgeries. Many people sympathize with her. If only she is not too obsessed and force herself to go under the knife, she can get better look now. She actually deserved to get more beautiful result. But, this is a plastic surgery. A procedure that can be a big friend, and also a big foe.

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