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Demi Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Demi Moore is not only talented, but she is also so attractive and hot. Even though she has been 50s, but her beautiful and sexy charm is not lost. Many people are impressed with the way she maintained her look. however, natural treatment is not the best answer behind this. plastic surgery should be fit in it.
Demi Moore actually has a very beautiful gene and she didn’t need any more enhancements unless the botox injections. All her need is keeping her beautiful and youthful look. But it seems she doesn’t only keep her youthful look, but she also certainly got an enhancement for her nose. the shape looked changes.

Demi Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After
Demi Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After

the botox injection
the beautiful actress seems having botox injection regularly. And she looked know so well about the amount of botox she used. The botox was done very well and not overdone. All the wrinkles and lines had been recovered by the botox. Demi can’t hide the fact that she looked younger in short of time bacause of botox, even though she briefly denied all the rumors approaching her.

Demi Moore Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Demi Moore Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Demi seems having a rhinoplasty, or popularly known as a nose job. Some people still questioned why she need to do it. The rhinoplasty had reshaped her nose to be slimmer with a more pointed tip. But not all the fans seems belive in it. They said that the change on her nose might be caused by make up or lighting

beside that, Demi also got another enhancement. She made her breast bigger and rounder with a breast implants. It was seen from the change on the breast (see the pictures) her breast looked more perfectly rounder. It rebuild her image as a sexy old lady.

talking about her current appearance, a plastic surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Walden stated that Demi Moore looked fantastic for a woman in that age. It seems Jennifer agreed that she got successful plastic surgeries.

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