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Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery Before and After

Diane Keaton is another old actress who made many people and her fans shocked. If you look at her current appearance, you might feel so surprised too. The lady who is nearly 70 years old still has a very youthful look. She look like 20 years younger. That’s why many speculations about her and plastic surgery became hot topics. Diane Keaton was reported by media that she got some plastic surgery procedures. From her appearance, the speculation said if Diane might have facelift and a nose job too.

Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery Before and After
Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery Before and After


The first reason why the people said that Diane Keaton got facelift was her younger appearance. She didn’t look like common 70 years old woman. Her face show no sagging skin. The facelift must be the answer. It tightened her face very well.

Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery
Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Nose job
another plastic surgery that was said as an enhancement that she got was the nose job (rhinoplasty). a plastic surgeon in America, Dr. john Di Saia had notice the change after seeing her current look. Compare to her previous appearance (when she was younger) it seems, Diane Keaton got narrower nose.

Talking about the plastic surgery speculation. Diane Keaton briefly said that She never think of doing anything with the procedure. she even claimed that she got her best look in natural way. If the speculation was true. She might hidden feel pleased with the plastic surgeon works. It helped her a lot to keep away from the aging. Diane might also take a necklift to refresh the neck area. the neck looked so fresh and youthful.


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