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Diane Sawyer Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift

What will you think when you see a nearly 70 years old woman got smooth look? You might think of two words, “plastic surgery”. Diane Sawyer is the former Anchor of ABC world news. We know that she is a veteran.However, Diane Sawyer looked fresh and youthful lately. The lady ho was born in 1945could do some things on her body, especially her face. She might get at least botox and facelift.

Diane Sawyer Facelift
Diane Sawyer Facelift

then you may see how she look like from time to time in the picture. honestly, Diane sawyer looked too good for a woman in that age. she appeared with smooth look without any wrinkles or sagging skin.

the botox and facelift

These two kinds of procedures could be the reason behind her smooth look. Moreover, in America, the combination of these procedures is a favorite among the old people. This was done to fight the aging. Due to Diane Sawyer was no longer young.

It’s not too surprising to know that she went under these surgeries. You can see that Diane’s forehead looked smooth, wrinkle-less without lines. The botox should have covered them. That’s why she appeared younger today. Beside that the facelift also performed by tightening her facial skin. She got lack of sagging skin on her face.

Diane left her eyes wrinkled to make it a bit more natural. Some people why she didn’t get eye;id surgery (blepharoplasty) at once to make it perfect.

Diane Sawyer Plastic Surgery
Diane Sawyer Plastic Surgery


beside rejuvenating her facial look. It seems, Diane also got her neck skin done. This surgery worked like the facelift. but it takes care of the neck area. The sagging skin on her neck was no longer exist.

Dr. John Di Saia had confirmed to the media that he saw Diane’s face as the result of plastic surgery. Some medias also reported that Dr. Gordon of Split Rock Spa was the plastic surgeon who performed the facelift on her face.

Luckily, Diane got the surgeries done well and not overdone. Unlike some celebrities who got bad days after having the awful plastic surgery. you might know Kim Novak. Mary Tyler Moore, etc,

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