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Did Cristiano Ronaldo Have Plastic Surgery?

Who doesn’t know about Cristiano Ronaldo? He is a renowned celebrity and is known for his deadly and amazing football playing skills. He was born in 1985 and has won lots of awards like FIFA UEFA and many more in his playing career.

He is a Portuguese football player and plays for a Spanish club named Real Madrid and of course for Portugal National team. He is the captain of his football team and has achieved this position due to his hard work and expertise in the game play.

Lots of girls adore him because of his soccer playing talent and obviously his killer looks. But do you know that his great appearance is due to plastic surgery? Yes, you heard it right. Do you know which part is enhanced by plastic surgery? It’s his smile which is the heart throb of many girls. If you look closely his smile is lovely charmed with attractiveness as he has aligned teeth which make his smile perfect.

But still the question which arises in many people mind is did this sensational player went through the knife to get a perfect smile? Recently this rumor spread like fire in the world and became the talk of the town due to which his true fans were really annoyed. 

The truth is it’s only the orthodontic treatment which enhanced his smile it’s not the result of any plastic surgeries and that’s very common treatment to get your teeth neat and clean. Therefore the rumors were just a buzz and he didn’t go through any extreme surgeries to look handsome as he is himself a good looking guy.

Earlier he wore teeth braces to arrange his teeth and make them look fine as his teeth were messy and blemished which made him conscious during smiling and he didn’t show off his smile generously and brightly. Hence he decided to take a minor cosmetic dentistry to flaunt his smile which worked for him well as you can see his before and after pictures which shows a remarkable difference in his looks. We are sure that his female fans are really happy with his stunning looks and will be passionate about him more than before.

Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that it’s just a matter of teeth treatment and not a surgical procedure. In short, not a big deal and cannot be categorized under major plastic treatments. Though rumors tend to begin so does this gossip is as it is associated with a well known celebrity.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s before and after pictures is still controversial. Let’s see when it buzzes off but we cannot deny that this small dentistry changed his look completely and he is looking generous than ever before. We wish him best of luck and more success in future.

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