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Did Mickey Rourke Have Plastic Surgery?

Mickey Rourke is an actor, a screenwriter, and even a retired pro boxer. He mostly appears as the lead role in thriller movies, action flicks, and dramas. It all started in the 80s, when Rourke had a starring role in the drama-comedy called Diner. After that came Rumble Fish and then The Pope of Greenwich Village, which was a dark comedy.

He also had the opportunity to star with big names like Don Johnson and Tom Sizemore when it came to flicks like Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man. After this he took a break and did professional boxing, which no doubt took a toll upon his body.


He came back to film after retiring from the sport in 1994. It was then you got some great classics like The Rainmaker and Sin City, the latter of which earned him many accolades from organizations such as Irish Film and Television and Chicago Film Critics Association.


Bad Plastic Surgery

During the 80s, Mickey Rourke was a real hunk. Ladies loved him in films like Angel Heart where he played a private detective. He did not know how good he looked.


But like every actor in Hollywood who wants to stay on top, Rourke decided that getting plastic surgery was the way to go. He is one of the few stars who admits he had the surgery and goes so far as to say it turned out pretty badly. We have to admire his bold nature in saying such a thing.


What Did He Get?


Over the course of five different surgeries, Mickey Rourke had his nose re-formed and reassembled. He also has had ligament expelled from within his ear. Also, Mickey Rourke confessed to having facial remake surgery done on his cheek. It is also speculated that Rourke had a facelift that did not go so well.


The bright side is that his face from before photos and after photos look really good-meaning he just looks much younger and realistic, unlike some surgeries that make the patient look ghastly and not like themselves at all. He actually confessed to having reconstructive surgery on his cheek and nose which he discussed in a conference with the British newspaper Daily Mail.


Why Did He Do It?


For starters, let’s talk about professional boxing. If anybody’s ever seen a pro-boxing match, you know it is a very tough and intense sport to take part in. Jabs and hooks are flying everywhere. And Mickey Rourke was not at the Bantamweight class-he was heavier than that.


He won most of his matches for sure, four of them by knockout. However, when the punches of his opponents landed upon Rourke’s face, they were not gentle touches. These were blows that left a mark and left the actor looking worse for the wear.


The Damage

His nose was broken a few times. His cheekbones got cracked. He had a goal to get his face looking neat and clean again. To do this, plastic surgery was the only option. He did not get the best doctor for the task, however-Rourke himself says he hired the “wrong gentleman” to do the job. It takes some serious guts to admit this.


He was expecting to get a cheekbone alteration, as well as a nose job. The scar tissue from his wounds was not recovering the way it should. Specialists extracted ligament from Rourke’s ear in an attempt to fix his nose which had been broken a number of times during his years as a fighter.


Between his fighting wounds, and the poor choice of doctor he saw, it is no surprise that we see such a drastic change in the appearance of Rourke from the 1980s until now. The man is getting older and has been through a great deal.


The Future

Mickey Rourke is like any other Hollywood man. He wants to stay on top and get work until he decides to retire. Mickey Rourke is unlike many other Hollywood stars in that he had an actual reason to get the surgery. Many stars simply get it because they want to look younger. Rourke needed it for his active and dangerous lifestyle as a boxer. It is unfortunate that he went to a doctor who did not make him look as good as he could. Yet we still respect and love the actor for the good work he does on screen.




Mickey Rourke is a very respectable actor but a good example of why you should always be mindful when shopping for plastic surgeons. You can really see what was lost, and you can avoid the same mistakes.

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