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Dita Von Teese Plastic Surgery Before and After

Dita Von Teese plastic surgery is no longer a new story. But it’s still interesting to see the big change on her appearance. Dita herself claimed that she was open to any kinds of plastic surgery to enhance her look. Some medias reported that she had already gone under breast implants when she was still 21.

Dita von Teese Breast Implants
Dita von Teese Breast Implants

What kinds of procedures that she had gone so far?

Dita Von Teese breast implants had been revealed. The change on her boobs gave her big confidence. She looks hot and attractive. Some other celebration also got the same procedure to make their appearance sexier.

Considering from her flawless look, you may have concluded some possible procedures that she got. The 43 years old star may get regular botox injection and fillers to keep her youthful look. You can see that she doesn’t look like a 40s woman in common. She looks younger than her own age. She may have botox injection to keep away from wrinkles. With the help of fillers, she also got better enhancement.

Dita von Teese Plastic Surgery Before and after
Dita von Teese Plastic Surgery Before and after

The speculation about Dita going under botox injection has been discussed¬† by some plastic surgeons in 2009. Dr Paul Nassif, in makemeheal, explained that Dita was benefited with minor botox injection. While, Dr. Jennifer Walden didn’t see the botox. She believed that Dita¬† got beautiful gene.

Now 6 years has past since their comments. Do you think that she didn’t have botox injection? You may have your own opinion about Dita von Teese plastic surgery through botox.

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