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Dominique Sachse Plastic Surgery – great look in 50’s

Newscaster Dominique Sachse began her career as a traffic reporter in 1993. From those humble beginnings, she grew to become one of the most popular news reporters in Houston, Texas. She also has a popular YouTube channel where she gives beauty advice and does tutorials.

Dominique Sachse is a perfect person to give beauty advice. She is beautiful. At forty-two, her skin is absolutely flawless, and almost without wrinkles. How can this be? Most people, as they age, gain wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet and other signs that they are getting older.

How Did Dominique Escape This Fate?

When you are in front of the camera, it is important to look good. Your appearance is part of what sells you as a celebrity. So how does Dominique manage to look so vibrant and young despite her age?

The answer to that question is not so clear-cut as one might believe. Dominique, who has offered beauty advice to so many others, has kept her mouth tightly closed on the subject of her own age-defying appearance, not admitting to anything one way or another. However, rumors have begun to fly. Many people suppose that Dominique has had plastic surgery, as her youthful appearance is so unbelievable, if not unnatural.

Other people have disagreed with these rumors. These individuals think that Dominique achieves all of this beauty with clever use of makeup and push-up bras.

Today, we will discuss the possible plastic surgery procedures Dominique might have had, along with how she could have achieved similar results with makeup. We cannot say for sure whether Dominique had plastic surgery or not. Only she knows the truth. However, we can offer you the information to form your own opinion.

Dominique has had Botox Injectionsdominique botox

Looking at Dominique Sachse’s before and after photos, it is perfectly clear that there has been a fundamental change in her appearance. As we age, we develop sagging, wrinkles and fine lines. Our lips and cheeks lose their fullness as well.

Look at Dominique’s before and after pictures. Her lips are fuller and plumper now than they have ever been. She has lost her laugh lines and crow’s feet. Her face looks younger and more beautiful than ever. Is this because she takes Botox injections, or does she achieve this with makeup alone.before and after

Botox is a beauty treatment made from the toxin found in puffer fish. It paralyzes facial muscles for a time which limits sagging of the skin due to collagen loss. If Dominique received Botox injections, she will have to have them done every few months, as the effects of Botox are not permanent.

Overdoses of Botox can cause a person to have difficulty making facial expressions and their faces can appear lumpy and full of bumps. If you look closely at Dominique’s before and after pictures, it becomes evident that her face looks kind of lumpy at some angles.

It’s Possibly Just Makeupbefore and after botox

Some people suppose that Dominique has instead used makeup to fix the fine lines and crow’s feet. After all, there are plenty of makeup brands on the market which promise to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and to fill in problem areas so that your face looks younger longer. Being a news caster and beauty professional, Dominique would have had access to not only the makeup but also to a professional makeup artist if she doesn’t apply the makeup herself.

If Dominique did have Botox, it worked wonders, and she now has a smooth, beautiful face, free from fine lines…

Face LiftPlastic surgery

Botox cannot remove all the signs of aging on a person’s face. It can plump up the lips and smooth out smaller wrinkles. However, as we age, our skin starts to sag as our facial muscles lose elasticity and wrinkles get bigger.

What Is a Face Lift?

To fix this problem, it is possible that Dominique underwent a face lift. During this surgery, extra facial skin is removed and underlying tissues can be tightened. The lower third of the face is reshaped, giving the patient a much more youthful appearance. Overuse of face lift procedures can make the patient’s skin look very tight.

It is rather dubious to think that mere makeup could give one the look of having had a facelift. However, some people suppose that that is exactly what is happening here, that Dominique’s smooth, blemish-free skin is simply the product of a very good makeup artist. After all, she is still in her fifties. At that age, the look of fine lines could still, theoretically be covered with thick makeup.

Breast Augmentation

The second procedure Dominique Sachse possibly had done to optimize her appearance was breast augmentation. Looking at the before and after pictures, the change is striking. Dominique now has a much fuller chest than ever before.

As a person who spends much of her life in front of the camera and under the scrutiny of the public eye, it is very important for Dominique to be her most attractive. For this reason, she might have chosen to get breast implants and change her bra size.

The Magic of Push-up Bras1012

Some people suppose that her bigger bust size in later photos is due to the clever use of a push-up bra, and this may be the case. There are several types of bra that could increase Dominique’s bust size. There are underwire bras, padded bras, and even bras filled with a gel solution, a bit like the silicon solution some breast implants are filled with.

Though it is unclear what the reason for Dominique Sachse’s breast size increase might be, it is still a definite improvement, and she looks more beautiful now than ever.


The final surgery Dominique might have had done was what is commonly known as a nose job. The medical name for this procedure is rhinoplasty, and it is used to change the shape of the nose.

If you look at pictures of Dominique from ten years ago and pictures of her now, the change is evident. Her nose is thinner and more delicate in the more recent pictures.

Makeup or Nose Job?

Some people suppose that this extraordinary change is the work of an amazing makeup team. However, that supposition is more than a bit dubious. There is only so much that makeup can do, and makeup can’t really change the appearance of one’s nose to the extent to which Dominique’s has changed. Therefore, it is a fair assumption that Dominique had a nose job instead, as the bridge of her nose seems to be thinned, and the tip of her nose is thinner as well. If she did, in fact have a rhinoplasty, the chances are high that she had a closed one. In a closed rhinoplasty, the incisions the surgeon uses to get into the structures of the nose are hidden inside the person’s nostrils. This would likely have been very important for Dominique Sachse. After all, it would have been very important to Dominique to minimize the possibility of scarring.

Truth Vs. Fiction0213

Nobody knows whether Dominique Sachse has had plastic surgery or not. She hasn’t spoken about it at all, and doesn’t seem to be likely to do so any time soon. Therefore, we are all left wondering and guessing what her secrets are.

One thing remains perfectly clear though. No matter what procedures Dominique has had or what makeup she has used, she is absolutely stunning. She looks amazing, and is likely to keep improving with age, and now you have the necessary information to make your own opinions about this controversial issue and to disprove or believe the rumors you hear.

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