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Donna Mills Plastic Surgery Before and After

Donna Mills might never feel of being old yet. The veteran actress didn’t look as old as her age. As you know that Donna Mills has been 72 years old today. This kind of thing is no longer rare or strange. Someone could get younger look by having some plastic surgery procedures. It seem Donna Mills had already done them.

Donna Mills Plastic Surgery
Donna Mills Plastic Surgery

Some procedures which she might do included facelift, Botox, fillers and also laser treatment. A plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn also mentioned those procedures as plastic surgery that Donna got in few years.

Facelift and botox injection

both botox and facelift had been very popular.Many celebrities combined those two procedure to enhance their look. The facelift had re-tightened her facial skin nicely. it
didn’t look saggy like common old women in the same age. Further, the botox injection had taken care of the upper face. the procedure made her face smoother and flawless. The wrinkles and lines that should appear won’t be found.

Donna Mills Plastic Surgery Before and After
Donna Mills Plastic Surgery Before and After

fillers injection

Beside having botox and facelift as a good combination in refreshing her look. she also got fillers injection as supporting enhancement. It made her rejuvenating procedure more successful. Some parts of her face that might get fillers injection could be the cheek. It looked fuller and fresh for a 70s years old woman.

Last but not least, Donna mills might have tried the laser treatment. If you take a look at her current appearance in the after picture, you will see that Donna’s body skin looked smooth, clean and clear. The laser treatment also removed the dead cells.

Those surgeries looked done nicely. Many people believed that Donna felt satisfied with the result, even though she didn’t express or admitted the speculation yet. What do you think of her appearance? Does she look good?

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