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Dyan Cannon Plastic Surgery Before and After

Dyan  Cannon is well known as an actress and also a director. She is not young anymore. Dyan is actually 77 years old now. Even though she is n o longer on the top of her career, but her name is still quite popular. Recently her name had risen again.many people talked about her and the new appearance. The people said that Dyan Cannon had gone under the knife and enhance her appearance.was it true?

Dyan Cannon Plastic Surgery Before and After
Dyan Cannon Plastic Surgery Before and After

By seeing her current appearance, it seems Dyan had gone under some procedures like facelift, botox and fillers injection. Her current face show she is struggling to fight the aging.

Botox injection.
the speculation about botox injection was clearly seen from her face. You can take a look at the pictures. Her current forehead looked so flawless and smooth. She got no wrinkles and lines on her forehead, even though her age has been over 70. Her sooth forehead looked unnatural for a common woman in the same age.

The facelift
this surgery was also possibly done by her. Dyan’s current appearance looked tight and fresh. we won’t find any sign of sagging skin that should appeared. The surgery had brought her back to her appearance 2 decades ago. She is 20 years younger now. There’s no doubt if the facelift should fit in it well.

Dyan Cannon Plastic Surgery
Dyan Cannon Plastic Surgery

The fillers injection
tThe fillers should be injected on her cheek too. Her cheek looked chubby.It was used to make her rejuvenating program more perfect. And it also supported the facelift.

and beside rejuvenating her look, Dyan Cannon also got liposuction to remove the unneeded fat on her body. Many people thought that she pushed herself too much to go under the knife. The result made her unnatural. However, seeing Dyan Cannon looked happy and confident, it seems she enjoyed the result no matter what people said.

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