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Edie Falco Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Edie falco has past 50 years old. But she still looked glowing with her clean and clear skin. She also more youthful look. There’s only one thing that could achieve it. It is plastic surgery. Unfortunately, there is no clear explanation from her. By comparing the before and after picture, it seems the actress did chemical peel or botox injection.

Edie Falco plastic Surgery Before and After
Edie Falco plastic Surgery Before and After

chemical peel or botox?
It’s a bit difficult to see that her smooth facial look was caused by the botox injection. if only she got the botox, then she would get her face tight with no wrinkles. Her current appearance only showed the common result of chemical peel. Her face looked treated well. The skin looked tight and fresh. This procedure might also have a big role in rejuvenating her face and keeping away from the dead cells as well.

However, some people still believe that she got botox injection to make it perfect. Did you see the sign of botox?

Earlier, Edie Falco is also known well as a celebrity with breasts problem. She got breast cancer. The doctor diagnosed her getting breast cancer stage 1 in 2003. She even stopped from all her activity to concentrate to heal her body. She did some treatments and chemotherapy.  She didn’t tell any of her cast-mates or even the medias. And when the disease was healed, she reappeared again and built up her career.

She told that she was so frightened to see her hair falling. And she need to wear hats every time. She had great fight against the breast cancer. Angelina Jolie also got a same disease that forced her to go under mastectomy


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