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Elizabeth Dole Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Elizabeth Dole is known well as a politician. And now in the age of 78, Mrs Dole is no longer active as a politician. However her name is still quite popular in public, especially today. her name became nice topic due to plastic surgery possibilities. There’s a big question about it. How can she maintain her youthful look nowadays. She didn’t look like a common 70s woman. that;s why the people believed that Elizabeth had gone under the knives.

Elizabeth Dole Plastic Surgery Before and After
Elizabeth Dole Plastic Surgery Before and After

Some plastic surgey that was possibly done by her were facelift, botox and eyelid surgery. You might remember how well Hillary Clinton got plastic surgery. The procedures made her appearance looked younger even though she is getting older. Elizabeth’s current look showed that the same procedures had taken role in Elizabeth’s younger face.

The facelift and botox
the facelift had created a younger look of Elizabeth. The facelift tightened her face well. For a woman who is over 70, she looked o fresh and beautiful. We hardly find any sagging skin on her face. She looked 20 years younger than her own age. Beside, the facelift combined well with botox injection. As you can see that Elizabeth’s face looked flawless with no wrinkles. She used enough amount of botox. therefore it looked nice and not overdone.

Beside rejuvenating her face with botox and facelift, there’s also a possibility of eyelid surgery on her eyes area. Her eyes looked fresh today. The blepharoplasty (medical name of eyelid surgery) made the wrinkles and bags surround her eyes removed.

Elizabeth’s face looked too good to be called a natural beauty. There must be plastic surgery behind it.

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