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Ellen Pompeo Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

Ellen Pompeo, 45, is quite popular for her role in some tv series. One of the role that rose her name is, Meredith Grey in Grey’s anatomy. There’s a big question from the public about her beauty. There’s an indication that she got cosmetic surgery in refining her look. You know that Ellen Pompeo has been 45 years old. It’s no strange if she did some procedure like the other celebrities.

Ellen Pompeo Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor
Ellen Pompeo Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

Seeing from her current appearance, it seems she got at least botox and fillers injection. This should be the main reason why her face looks so youthful now.

Ellen Pompeo plastic surgery through botox injection

Many people feel impressed about the way she maintained her beauty. She didn’t look as old as her age. They believed that she keep her young look through botox. Botox is no longer new thing among the celebrities. Most of them used it to keep them away from wrinkles.  As the result, we won’t find any annoying signs of aging on her face.

Beside the smooth forehead, she might also got benefit from fillers injection. The signs of the fillers was seen from the shape of her cheek. It appears fuller than usual. It could be juvederm or restylane.

Unfortunately, she has not confirmed anything yet about this. What do you think about Ellen pompeo plastic Surgery? Was it fact or rumor?

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