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Edge of Tomorrow Star, Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery Before and After

Emily Blunt, 32, has become the people attention for years. The English actress had played important roles in some movies. In 2014, he played alongside Tom Cruise in “Edge of Tomorrow”. Emily Blunt looks so beautiful and adorable in that movie.

Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery Before and After
Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did she go under the knife like many common celebrities? The thread of Emily Blunt plastic surgery had been a warm discussion since she was younger. In 2010, she had ever been reported having some procedures. The changes were seen in her before and after pictures. She got some changes including the nose, the cheek, teeth.

Having  beauty enhancements in celebrity world is no longer new thing. In many cases, there are many celebrities decided to go under the knife to make perfect appearance. Tom Cruise even did the same things to keep his appearance better and youthful (read Tom Cruise plastic surgery).

Emily Blunt Nose Job
Emily Blunt Nose Job

Emily Blunt Nose Job

the first change was clearly seen from the nose shape. Dr. Paul Nassif even noticed that Emily’s current nose appeared with a new look. He assumed rhinoplasty had reconstructed her nose a bit (minor work of modification).

Emily Blunt TeethVeneer and Cheek implants

The cheek and the teeth are the other parts that possibly got enhancement. Compare to the previous appearance, Emily looked having better teeth. For supporting works, she just got nice result. Her teeth looked neat and perfect. This stuff is popular enough among the celebrities. You might know well about Miley Cyrus. Miley also got her teeth refined with veneer. She also  did plastic surgery for her nose and  the boobs too.

Further, when you look at the cheek area, you should realize that it got different look. There was indication of cheek implants. As the result, her face looked having puffier cheek.

How do you see this case? Do you agree that Emily Blunt plastic surgery was true?

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