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Eminem Plastic Surgery Before and After, Fact or Rumors?

Eminem is a really popular rapper in America. And you might know well about his popular song collaborated with Rihanna. However, we won’t talk about his successful career with his great songs. In this site we will remind you how surprising the people after hearing Eminem had gone under the knife. Nicki Minaj, a female rapper had already been told about her transformation with plastic surgery. It’s so sad, the people still need to keep guessing about Eminem with his smooth look.

Eminem Plastic Surgery Before and After
Eminem Plastic Surgery Before and After

It’s no longer new story. It had happened in few years ago. You may take a look at the picture and see the kinds of plastic surgery he might get. Eminem was said botox injection.But it was still debatable.

In 2009, his name become public’s hot topic sue to his new appearance. His appearance looked so smooth and flawless even though he was 35 years old. Some people said that he got botox to make his face flawless. but in the other hand, some sources told that the change on his face was caused by drugs that he ever consumed.

One of his fan even said if he was not a kind of man who will do what most female did like plastic surgery. They told that the drugs could be possible.

Talking about his appearance. If only the botox injection as true, his face looked a bit too smooth and overdone. He looked a bit unnatural and frozen.

How do you think about it? was it drugs? or plastic surgery ?

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