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Emma Stone Plastic Surgery Through Nose Job

Emily Jean Stone is popularly known as Emma Stone. She is actually one of the most desirable women in the world. She played well in successful movies, Amazing Spider-Man and Birdman.  As a popular person and the people’s attention, Emily can’t avoid any kins of rumors and speculations approaching her. She was even reported having plastic surgery.

Emma Stone Plastic Surgery
Emma Stone Plastic Surgery

Was Emma Stone plastic surgery true?

Based on the speculations that spread, it seems Emma Stone had done some thing on her nose. This was a rhinoplasty (nose job). This procedure is so popular among the celebrities. But Emma Stone nose job was still debatable. You might try to compare the change on the nose in the before and after picture. The pictures showed that her nose looked having little change.

Some people speculated that the nose job had restructured the shape of the cartilage. As the result,the nose looked having straighter shape.  Besides, you might also realize that the tip of the nose looked  bit smaller than before.

Emma Stone Nose Job
Emma Stone Nose Job

But not all people seems agreed with this speculation. They believe that a technique of make up might  give significant change with its effect.

Talking about the case, Emma Stone looked having no intention to explain about the the rumor that come. If only Emma Stone plastic surgery through nose job was true, she just did nice thing. The new nose looked nice and match to her face. More importantly the minor work didn’t change her a lot. You might know that a nose job could make someone unrecognizable.

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