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Emma Watson Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor?

Emma Watson is one of the most popular English actress. Earlier her name became popular hen she starred on successful movies, Harry Potter (from J.K. Rowling ‘s novel). She played alongside Daniel Radcliffe. Some people loved to compare her with another beautiful female actress, Kristen Stewart.

Now she has been 24 years old. there’s not much difference about her from time to time. She just look natural as always. The people only noticed there was a change on the shape of the nose. This was possibly a nose job (rhinoplasty). The nose job itself is a popular procedure among the celebrities, especially in Hollywood. You might also remember about Ben Savage nose job too.

Emma Watson Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Emma Watson Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Did Emma Watson get nose job so far?

This speculation is still debatable. If you see the pictures, you can find that her current nose looked changed. Emma used to have wider nose with rounder tip. Today, the nose might have been reshaped with a minor work of a nose job. It became narrower. And the tip of the nose also looked smaller. If only the nose job was true, she had done nice thing. The nose job even made her more beautiful.

More importantly, she is still recognizable. The new nose looked good for her face. Do you remember Jennifer Grey with her nose job? The change of her nose made her forced to start her career from the beginning.

It’s unfortunate that Emma Watson has not explained about it yet. How about you? What do you think of Emma Watson Nose job possibility? Did you see the change on her nose as a plastic surgery result? Leave your opinion in the comment box.


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