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Erica Durance Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Beauty enhancement through plastic surgery is no longer a new thing in celebrity world. in America or Korea, plastic surgery is like a  new need. Commonly, the surgery was done for fighting aging or enhancing their appearance to be more perfect.

Erica Durance, a Canadian actress was listed among the celebrities who went under the knife too. Recently, Erica Durance Plastic Surgery became a hot topic in some discussion. Many people noticed that the 36 years old actress looked different. And they believed that Erica had already done some things to enhance her look. The Small Ville star might get some procedures including botox injection, nose job, breast implants and liposuction too.

Erica Durance Plastic Surgery
Erica Durance Plastic Surgery

Erica durance and Botox

Now, we take a look at the facial area. The face area, especially the forehead looked so smooth and wrinkle-less. The botox might be injected in this part regularly. The botox is reasonable enough to do, because she  is no longer young and nearly 40. The sign of aging might be a problem for a woman, especially an actress like her. The wrinkle and lines on her face might been removed with this.

Nose Job

if you see and compare the pictures, you might realize that there was something done on the nose. The new shape looked having narrower shape. And the tip of the looked cut nicely to be smaller. The rhinoplasty (medical word for nose job)should be behind this.

Erica Durance Breast Implants
Erica Durance Breast Implants

Liposuction and Erica Durance Breast Implants?

the enhancement was seen from the shape of stomach. The lipo might help her a lot. By having the liposuction, she could make her stomach flatter. However, the liposuction might be untrue, because some medias reported that Erica Durance is an actress who is so active. She also loves outdoor activity like surfing, snowboarding, kayaking and many more. she also join kick boxing class. That’s why she got very proportional body.

How was the breast implants? Did she really get it? This thing is also still debatable. in some pictures of her, she looked having bigger size of breast. however, she already got big size of boobs since she was young. We can’t see it obviously as plastic surgery result.

When she was asked about the surgery . She denied the rumor briefly. She claimed that she was natural physically without surgery.

hat do you think about her appearance?

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