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Erik King Before & After Plastic Surgery

Well, guess who is the latest victim of the cosmetic surgeon in showbiz? It’s none other than the Dexter’s shining star Erik King. Erik King becomes famous in TV industry after the success of American TV show Dexter. But there is almost another type of hype currently surrounding this man, and the question is almost on every fan’s lips that whether Erik King had gone through a plastic surgery recently or not for his nose?

For us, the celeb surgery hunters, only feasible way to judge the artificial changes is by comparing any celebs both photos of the current times and the yesteryears. And in this latest picture we have at our disposal of this actor, we do not hesitate to say that there are likely chances of him going through a surgery, actually a nose job. How? Keep on reading!

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Although, there is no official statement or words being said about any type of plastic surgery from Erik King but as we notice in the above picture, we can see there is a certain change in the appearance of his nose from his previous days than the recent ones. So, by carefully judging changes of the shape of the nose in both pictures we can safely indicate that the famous TV actor has gone through a nose job through Rhinoplasty. How can we be so sure? I tell you why we are so sure.

If you look at his old picture (though looking more fresh than the recent ones) you will see that his nose was somewhat bigger and bulbous, a common facial characteristic of black heritage. But when we take a look at his recent picture, we can clearly see that his nose has become quite thin and straight.

In actual meaning, it seems that the nose has gone through a total transformation. However, the overall facial appearance of the actor is still the same & unchanged so we can safely gesture that he hasn’t done anything other than a nose job.

While, many people might have their own views about having a plastic surgery or not, but one thing is quite certain about which I have totally become too sure; that in show business a human needs to beat the odds and age if he/she wants to stay in lights and keep the flow of the money going.

Those who consider to remain true to what nature has given often goes beyond somewhere in the darkness. Well, everyone is free to practice their life as they like, who can teach or force anyone upon anything except politicians. So, considering the results shown in the picture we can now clearly assume that Dexter star has gone through Rhinoplasty. What are your views about this?

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