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Dexter Star, Erik King Nose Job Before and After Pictures

Erik King is a popular American actor. He got a very proportional body. And he is best known for his role in a TV series, “Dexter”. This cool man was surprisingly said having plastic surgery for his face. Was it true?

If you see the before and after picture, some of you might wonder what the change is. At a glance, you will not see the change clearly. If you take a look at his nose more intensively, you can see it clearly. Yes, he might get a nose job (rhinoplasty). Erik King nose job might be not just a rumor. Nose Job in celebrity world is quite popular. Many male stars had gone under this procedure. You might know Ryan Gosling, or Tom cruise. Both cool actors were reported having a rhinoplasty.

Erik King Nose Job Before and After
Erik King Nose Job Before and After

By comparing the shape of his nose in the before and after picture. His nose today looked having a bit slimmer nose, while he used to have a wider nose with a rounder tip. The tip also looked smaller now. It made her face looked having a more pointed nose now. He looks great with his straighter nose.  However, we can’t judge it easily. The effect of lighting might give effect of this.

It’s so unfortunate that Erik King has not confirmed anything about his activity with plastic surgery. All we can do just comparing the pictures of him. What do you have in mind about Erik King Nose Job? Do you think that he really got it? Share your comment in the available box then.

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